11 weeks pregnant

Rantings and ramblings!

9:05:00 AM

Well...this week I head into week 11 for my pregnancy which makes me all giddy inside! All that will be happening in the next few months makes my heart flutter! From hearing the heartbeat at every check up, to finding out the sex of the baby and to feeling my baby grow bigger and stronger which will mean my big babies will get to experience it as well! I am praying the sickness gets better too and that my appetite once again picks up. I have lost weight this pregnancy which is a new one for me! I have thrown up so much this pregnancy that it makes me shudder just to think about it. I have never experienced this with all 3 of my other bambinos that it truly is an eye opener!

Needless to say my lack of food intake vs. keeping in has made it virtually hard to keep my energy up and my totally type A self has been slacking...more than a wee bit! I currently have 10 loads of laundry. Washed. Thrown on the couch. Waiting for a passerby to magically fold them and put them away. YAWN. My sink is overflowing onto the counter tops and I can smell something gross...although I don't have the courage to find what it is. DOUBLE YAWN. And my floor has more gold fish on it than you would find in 3 bags. But you know what? I don't care! My kids are fed. They are wearing clean clothes (ignore the wrinkles people!) and yes...they have watched more than their fair share of cartoons and $5 movies from Target (can I just say pregnant women's saving grace right there! OH...you've never seen Milo and Otis? well...for just $5 we own it!). At the end of the day, whats really important is we still have a smile on our face and love in our hearts!

The JBF sale is now over! I sold $450 worth of stuff this sale! Now as much whining and complaining as I do when I am preparing for the sale, I can't complain once that check is in my sweaty little fingers! Alot of work...but worth it in the end!

On Instagram news (I am britchesnboots if you want to look me up!) there is a 15 year old girl who has been swiping pictures from me and other bloggers and set up an "adoption" page. My sweet Ava Faith was on there as 6 month old Cara...OK...mama bear came out in me and the girl got a what for! She also got the what for from other bloggers like myself and her page is now made private. Game or not it was just plain sick, rude and a complete violation! I know a lot of my pictures are made public...but I have the right to CHOOSE who gets to use my photos when and where!

Today if you click on the PNW Blogger meet up button on the right side of my page...tickets go on sale for our NEXT blogger meet up on November 3rd! I am just a wee bit excited! My ticket is purchased and so is my dear friend Brittanie's over at Cupcakes, Kisses 'n' Crumbs. We had such a great time at the last one that I look forward to what this event holds! I met such amazing people at the last event. Formed new friendships. Some in my own backyard! So if you are a blogger...you must check it out!

Well that's enough ranting and rambling for today! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Ooh, I was wondering when you might be pregnant again. Congrats! I see lots of neat baby pic ideas on pinterest and think I need to send them to you. I was sooo sick with Summer. I remember trying all sorts of soothing drinks. One time I bought this pink milky energy type drink, like a smoothie in a bottle, and 30 minutes later I threw it up projectile style all over the stall/toilet/wall at the bathroom at work. And, yes, I cried as I cleaned it up. Finally, I worked out a combo of plain McDonalds biscuit and flat coke to settle my stomach. Something about the lard coating my stomach and then the sugar in the regular coke for energy. I guess you could just eat a spoonful of crisco with a swig or corn syrup too... Good luck.

  2. My pregnancy sounds like yours.. It has gotten better though! And holy instagram drama! Somehow I missed that.