Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards

3:38:00 PM

Who here has an insanely large movie collection? OK, this is where I would have to raise my hand! I told you before I am a sucker for the $5 movies at Target this pregnancy...well lets just say I am a sucker for all the new Disney and Pixar movies that come out. Period! I am shocked at how many people do not take advantage of the "golden ticket" inside the Disney movies they purchase. Yes...play on words as it is not actually "golden" but blue. But for real though I feel like Charlie who just won the Golden ticket to the chocolate factory when I open up a new DVD!

Not sure what the "golden ticket" looks like? Well here you go:

These puppies right here are worth POINTS! The weird numbers and letters in the white area is a special code! Points add up to FREE STUFF! Like I just ordered myself for like the 15th time another $10 Starbucks gift card...for FREE! Oh yes! My mom even let me raid her movie stash at her house for all her "golden tickets"! Each code can be used only once. Sometimes there are special codes that will get emailed to you especially if you are new! All you have to do is go to Disney Movie Rewards and sign up for an account! Its EASY! Then you collect your little tickets that come in EVERY Disney DVD and you enter in the codes at the top of your screen...SIMPLE! You can turn your points in for gift cards, movies and more! Its pretty cool really! And if you decide your not going to use them...send them my way! Mama ALWAYS loves her Starbucks gift cards! Have a blessed day!

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