Banana Bread

Little Ray's of Sunshine

6:04:00 PM

Hello dear friends! I hope this week found you well! Who did you mail/give a sweet gift to? I just  got mine out by post today! I cannot wait for Morgan to get it!! Minor hiccup when I went to buy of the many reasons taking small children with you when you are suffering from a migraine (day 2 of migraine...yuck!) I paid about $10 MORE in postage than I should have because I clicked "package" at the self pay instead of "letter"....ugh! Oh well! The only thing that bums me out is that's 2 frappes I could have got! Darn! lol!

This week is very simple...well in my mind it is! I want you to do double the baking! I made a loaf of banana bread for myself AND a loaf of banana bread for a co-worker! One I don't know super duper well but she is a love!

I also made ginger snap cookies (who says you can only eat them around the holidays?!) and was prepared to mail them off to a fellow blogger friend that is pregnant...but...she lives in Florida and I kept thinking they would be stale by the time they arrive! SO I instead put a package of Gingersnap cookie mix into a mailer and shipped it off! She has been nauseous so I thought this might be a nice treat! I will be honest...I prefer the pre-mix kind of gingersnaps anyhow! They are super moist and taste way better than the ones I have made from scratch!

I left the banana bread at work last night and hope Sarah likes it!

SO...make a recipe of some sort and deliver some to neighbors, your hair dresser or someone you don't normally "bake" for! What a sweet surprise for their day, don't ya think?! I have a WONDERFUL pumpkin bread recipe that you can find HERE! It makes 2 loaves from 1 recipe and is a huge hit!

Have a blessed day!

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