Little Rays of Sunshine

8:20:00 PM

Week 2 of Little Rays of Sunshine! How did y'all do last week? Did it give you an amazing feeling?! I know for me it always does! I will be honest...I tried to "pass it back" and NOT even kidding you each time we had not 1 person behind us! It got to the point we were laughing about it! BUT never fear because its something we like to do anyhow! We did give a homeless man our breakfast...maybe that counts?!

Since this weekend is Mother's Day...I figured...lets write...and when I say write I mean with a pen, pretty stationary (notebook paper is fine too!) a letter to 3 moms.

  1. Your mom (if you do not have a mom...then someone who filled that spot for you)
  2. A friend that is a mom
  3. A mom that you look up too (could be another friend, could be your grandma or even a neighbor or your mother in law?!)
The letter doesn't have to be long. But speak from the heart. Tell them how much they mean to you and what a great mom they are. Let them know that you are truly thankful to have them in your life.

Stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it! I guarantee it will be little rays of sunshine for that person! Who DOESN'T like getting things in the mail? After all as moms, we are blessed with our own hooligans that are angels one second and tornado's the next! Every once in a while we could use a little pick me up Starbucks!

I have 1 of my 3 letters done and ready to go! I can't wait to get them out! 1 of the people I chose has not physically had her baby yet. But for the past 7 1/2 years they have desperately tried to conceive. After trying many different things they are currently pregnant and just had their second ultra sound! She is 14 weeks along and we have been praying for this little miracle growing inside of her! I am SO excited to be an honorary Auntie!!
No go...run...hurry and get your letters done and in the mail! Have a blessed week! Next weeks will be SUPER fun!

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  1. what a super awesome fun idea. i think im too late =(

    1. OH Darlin'! I don't think so! Doesn't HAVE to be by Mother's Day!! Heck...my MIL isn't getting her gift till next week (or my own mom!) HA!