cake jars

Little jars of lovin'

10:18:00 PM

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at Emily Grace's school. I was looking at things I already had and decided for tomorrow we would deliver cake in a jar to her teachers! I love the way they turned out! I told my husband they are like little jars of lovin'! They are super simple to make and I had almost everything here (I let EG pick out a box of cake mix and a tub of frosting from the store! She picked strawberry cause its pink...and I picked white frosting cause I wanted to use sprinkles!)

All you need is mason jars (lids, tops etc), twine (I used red and tan), plastic forks, cake mix, tub of frosting, sprinkles and then I let Emily Grace make the tags (the names of the teachers are on the opposite side shown!)

I made the cake mix as directed and turned them into cupcakes.

Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box and then let cool completely. During this time I found fun items for Em to be able to decorate the tags for the jars.

When they were cooled completely I took a cupcake at a time out of the wrapper and cut them into 4's. I then dropped them into the jar until I had an amount I liked inside!

I made sure there was room at the top for icing! I used my handy icing tool and piped in white frosting and slightly spread it out with a spatula. Then doused with sprinkles!

Put the lid on top. Wrap the jars a few times with twine and tie into a bow. I then used washi tape (Japanese decorative masking tape!) and stuck on the lime green fork. I then used tan twin and looped through the tags Emily Grace made and tied them around the neck of the jar! That's it! Easy!

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