A day for me

12:06:00 AM

WOW, this post makes #200! I wish it were something more "spectacular" than "my day"! BUT...today I decided to relax. Take a load off. Life has been crazy lately. Not complaining but I have been feeling more and more like I want to hole up at home! Which happens when life begins to turn into over drive! The "larger" things are off of my plate thankfully and now I can ease up a bit. Think about the garden that I need to get going, the seeds I need to re-start (thanks to the down pour of rainbow tears that graciously fell from the sky for like 2 whole weeks a month ago...therefore ruining the seeds I had planted! Grrrr!) On the bright side, the kids LOVE to help in this area!

I dropped my biggin' off at preschool today and was supposed to head to a friends house for some hang out fun. I couldn't reach her on her cell and told her I would head home until I got a call back. I got home and went straight into cleaning mode. When my husband is away for work I seriously get into this "mode" where I start scrubbing things! My sinks are bleached, my toilets are shining and my floors are so clean you could eat off of them...in fact Erica's son did tonight (only because sweet Mushy was in the high chair already!) I would check on my little's and they were happily cozying up to each other on the couch! Noah even shared a bit of the blanket with his baby sister!

I took time to sit and read my devotions and more importantly a bit of the bible. When I was done and sat back feeling refreshed...Mushy walks over to the coffee table, points to my zipped pouch that contains my bible and said "Bible". In a very proud tone! I was shocked! She for one had never said Bible before and 2nd that she KNEW which one it was! Made me feel in that moment I was doing something right!

On Saturday she climbed into bed with me while I was reading and she grabbed a Beth Moore devotional and focused all her attention on it! Like SHE too was getting into the words on the pages!

Today I thought about the fact I want to let my kids have fun and make lasting memories. Be it days at the park splashing in the Spring sun...or our home filled with laughter. The kind that builds our hearts so they are overflowing with joy, love and a sense of security. I hear all the time "your gonna miss this...your gonna want this back" and I do not for one moment want to regret these precious days that God gave me. I want to take on each day like it was my last and if I died tomorrow I want to know my children knew that their mommy loved them and enjoyed being with them. Each one has their own distinct personality. Their own special qualities. I want to always cherish these moments. These days...with them.

I want to create a jar that has different themes. I will sit down with the kids and we can write out the themes on slips of paper. On a day where we need some pep...we can draw 1 slip of paper out of the jar and say the theme is "carrots" we will eat carrots, plant carrots, draw carrots and pretend carrots! Make corresponding FUN activities through out the Summer! How fun would that be!

Now go snuggle your babies!

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