1st Birthday

Shabby Chic First Birthday - Part 2

9:41:00 PM

Well as you know from Yesterday's post I had WAY too many pictures to share so I had to split it into 2 posts! Oh darn! I hope you are enjoying it! I am loving walking down this memory lane from a mere 5 months ago!

I attached bird houses to cheap candle holders with E6000 glue and then spray painted them! I used the letters from the "ONE" at Christmas time and added a "L" for Noel!

These are the party favors! Inside was:

We pre-filled mason jars with dirt and covered them in saran wrap so wouldn't spill. I used chalk board paint and painted wooden chip tags I found at Craft Warehouse. Through in chalk for the tags (tags were tied on with twine) and then in the baggies was wheat germ with the note.

I wish I had a picture of the grown wheat germ...but I didn't get to keep any and ours is long gone! My kids enjoy this SO much! It grows super fast, in the mason jar you can watch the roots grow and if you leave in the window sill and its been watered the next morning you wake and see dew drops on the ends!

I ALWAYS use the garage and set up craft tables for every party we throw here! I try and do theme related crafts and have about 3-4 to choose from! It is a huge hit and since our house is on the small side its great because you have a portion of the party taking part in the fun in both areas (craft & indoors).

That's all I have for you! BUT we had a great time! I can't believe she is almost a year and a 1/2! WOW how time fly's! Have a blessed day!

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