Easter Books & Decoration

8:54:00 PM

WOW can you  believe that Easter is fast approaching? I can not believe it is already approaching! Time is flying by so fast! Tonight after we did our Resurrection Egg we read the book The Legend of the Easter Egg a book that has turned into a favorite each Easter!

Its about a boy named Thomas who learns the true meaning of the Easter egg! Its a sweet story and easy enough for my 5 and 3 1/2 year old to understand! We also got a new book tonight called Happy Easter Mouse (remember the If you give a Mouse a cookie books?! Same mouse!)

I adore the "mouse" books! They are always super fun and I was excited to see another one that we had never read before!

I had the kids make an Easter craft last week to hang on our mantel! I used scraps of scrapbook paper card stock, found the bingo stampers at the $1 store (but to be honest I think I will invest in the more expensive "kid paint ones" as these can be messy and did stain the kids hands!).

The kids had a great time stamping the paper all over! It actually kept them occupied and fuss free for some time! Always a good thing in our house!

When they were all done stamping I took the scrap pieces and cut out an egg shape the best I could!

 I then took yarn (I have yarn covered plastic eggs I made last year so I adore the yarn look!) and strung the "eggs" using tape on the backs and hung them across the mantel! Voila a "kid made" Easter decoration! They are very proud!

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