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Well I am sure that most if not all of you have already heard the news that Picnik is closing shop as of April 19th?! I was saddened by this news as it was an incredibly easy program to use. I have owned Photoshop for a really long time now and its just been recently that I have been able to tinker on it a wee bit...when I say wee bit I mean like a picture or 2! HA! So I was looking for an alternative!

Enter...PicMonkey! A program VERY similar to Picnik *in fact was created by some folks that used to work FOR Picnik!* and better yet...its FREE! Completely! It just went live over the past 2 months and I have been gradually using it more and more! Its wonderful! Overlays, text, borders, touch up, effects and basic edits! PLUS they are working on making collages and more in the future! Everything you could need and more! I laughed hysterically at their "about":

A couple of former Picnik engineers, a rabbi, and a monkey meet in a bar.

The rabbi realizes he's not in the middle of a corny joke so he leaves. But the monkey. The monkey starts raving wildly. He's slapping the Picnik engineers on the back, congratulating them for pioneering the online photo editing space 6 years ago, and for enabling a whole new class of photographers to create beautiful images and hang out together. And the monkey has more ideas about time travel, connecting people, light speed, and making Brussels sprouts taste better. The engineers, they're listening, but they're onto something new. They scribble furiously on the backs of napkins and the edges of sleeve cuffs.
Several months later, here we are. A dynamic duo became a small dynamic team. And the world's friendliest photo editor got a chance to start again. If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is back in town and better than ever. It's faster, more powerful, and easier to use. It's the real deal you already know, plus 78% more monkey.

So if you were like me and slightly stressed out that the deadline is approaching faster...have no fear cause PicMonkey is here! Go check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

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