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Today's spotlight is something (yep thing!) that I am very very excited about! I attend an amazing church! Literally the congregation strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We don't just make it our mission to pray for others, but we make it our mission to actually HELP others! Over the course of having children I have been honored to get to know my pastor's wife. She is the most beautiful, kind, intelligent, sweet, sincere, tell it like it is women I know. She cry's tears of joy, tears of sadness and well...tears of any emotion with you which is one of my most favorite things about her! She has given me some of the best advice a mom could look for and I am honored to know her and call her a friend! I will have a piece actually written FROM her in the coming months! BUT this is her newest "baby"! A dream that has come true! Without further ado...Divine Threads!


They didn’t have a home or the comfort of a warm embrace, let alone a warm blanket that was their own.  They didn’t have their mom or dad.  They were wards of the state.  You see their dad left mom with one toddler and a baby for an adulterous affair. Mom had never worked before and now she lost a husband, and today she lost her hope.  She spiraled with despair into a pit of desperation….

               This could’ve been the picture…bleak…destitute…hopeless…without Christ.

               But then the picture changed when Divine Threads intervened.

               Tracy hadn’t been to church in years.  She wasn’t walking with the Lord, and she may not have really known Him…until now.  Tracy’s husband left her with 2-year old Zachary and 7-month old Madeline to care for on her own.  Tracy lacked job skills, any real material possession, and even respectable attire, dignity and worth… as well as hope. 

Tracy turned to Rolling Hills Community Church one day and in desperation and humility, she expressed her need to the pastors. 

Kathy Towne with Divine Threads in Tualatin heard of Tracy’s situation and tugged by the plight of this young mom set into action.

It was about one year ago, Kathy, wife of senior pastor Bill Towne at Rolling Hills Community Church, felt a heart nudge for the heart ache of many women around her…women she didn’t know, but women she knew were in great need.

With God’s courage and inspiration from reading books like Radical by David Platt and Crazy Love by Francis Chan, Kathy longed for a way to help the many disadvantaged women in the community.  

Who are those that may be disadvantaged in our communities?

·        Single moms living below poverty level

·        Women from abusive situations, many of them mothers

·        Recently released prison inmates seeking another chance at life

·        Women(girls) recovering from prostitution or drug/alcohol abuse

They are those that the Lord refers to as the “least of these” and urges us to extend our hearts in compassion.

(Mathew 25:40)

Divine Threads seeks to show Love to disadvantaged women by:

·        providing for their physical need for clothing

·        providing for practical need for job skills training

·        providing for their emotional need for encouragement

·        providing for their spiritual need for connecting with Jesus

You can help in these efforts through Divine Threads:

·        Financial contributions to Divine Threads PO Box 3524 Tualatin, Oregon 97062

·        Clothing donations, please contact divinethreadsinfo@ymail.com

·        Construction volunteers(no experience needed) for Divine Threads farmhouse, please contact RyanM@PacTrust.com

·        Current needs include stackable washer/dryer, stainless steel dishwasher, stainless steel refrigerator, please contact divinethreadsinfor@ymail.com

Divine Threads farmhouse, Borland Road, Tualatin, Oregon 97062
Divine Threads is an approved  non-profit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged women with clothing, spiritual support, and job

**Written with love, by Jenni Lenc

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