Pick your plum


7:34:00 PM

Pick your plum...only one of my ALL time fave websites I check on a daily basis! I kid you not it is THE website to view daily (not on weekends!) to find great deals on party stuff, craft stuff and sometimes even clothing items! There is only 1 deal a day and there are limited quantities so the idea is to "Pick your Plum" before your neighbor does! One of the best parts is if you buy say 8 of an item...shipping is always only 1 flat price!

Wanna hear something even cooler? They are our NEW sponsor! You know what that means for you right? All you have to do is come HERE to my blog and on the side you can see what the deal of the day is! HOW easy is that?! I am beyond excited!! I hope y'all are too! NOW RUN...go check them out! Think of all the things you can do with today's deal! I see fun bottle cap necklaces...how cool would that be to do as a birthday party craft?!! OK I am drooling all over my key board!

Go check out Pick Your Plum right now! You'll regret it if you don't!

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