4:59:00 PM

I know this is really late...but since I was not able to be here to share the Valentines and I was SO proud of them...I figured I could at least share them now. After the fact! Never too late, right?!

First off I made this by using the My Memories Suite Software (Use the code: STMMMS23061 to get $10 off of the program!)

I printed them off at Costco (but honestly would do it on card stock from home next time!) These were for her teachers and we enclosed a Starbucks gift card.

Then I made this:

*says: "Valentine you make my insides feel all squishy!"

I used the program Picnik (which will no longer be available for use after April 19th...bring me a box of tissues I think I may cry! I adore this program! SO easy to use! So much fun! I use it for a ton of things I do!)

Emily Grace decided she wanted Raspberry kisses and Playdoh. She also picked out the bags herself! We tied the "valentine" with red & white bakers twine (swoon!)

There you have it! Our valentines this year! I was so excited to celebrate (I am a sucker for this Hallmark holiday!) but as you know I was unable to be here. And unfortunately my husband didn't get the memo and the day was completely forgotten...uh hem...I think I deserve a re-do!

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