February photo challenge

February Photo Challenge

7:57:00 PM

I am loving the February Photo Challenge! Thinking I need to get to work on next months sheet so y'all can be prepared to join me?!! Whatcha think?!

Day 20: Handwriting (I love Emily Grace's handwriting! Even if I haven't a clue what she is writing I find it completely adorable!)

Day 21: Fave photo of you (I did not take this one...BUT it's my fave! Hangs above our mantel!)

Day 22: Where you work: (OH Lordy! I work from home for my Bliss Baby Designs! Unfortunately for the rest of my household you see my mess in the living room cause we do not have a space for my "office" anymore! 5 people and 3 bedrooms...it will JUST have to wait!)

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