Rolled Rosette bracelet tutorial

Sweet & Funky Bracelet Tutorial

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My dear friend Michelle was turning the ripe old age of let me go bury my head now cause she is like 3 years younger than me 29...YOUNGIN' right! lol! Anyhow I decided I wanted to make her something special! And don't ask me why but when I think of her and a color I think of yellow (weird right?! lol) SO I decided to make a rolled rosette with gorgeous smoke colored beads!

Ooooh...aaaaah (right!). No for real though, I was pre-tty stink-in' proud of myself for how it turned out! It was simple...but difficult (if that makes any sense at all!) Since I don't normally make bracelets I had to wing it!

I started out with 2 strands of wire (measured around my wrist and left it longer...I have TINY wrists!). I attached the "O" ring (not sure if that's what its called...but its the "O" thing! lol! With a crimp bead (make sure both of your wires are going through the same crimp bead!!

You will then strand your beads. I used 2 different sizes alternating back and forth! Again I held it up to my wrist (I would have taken more pics of each detail but REALLY difficult when you are making it!) to see where it lay cause I knew I wanted the rosette to take up the top part of the wrist! Be sure to tuck your wires into the beads (the "ends" of the wires).

Place a crimp bead where you want your beads to end on one side. Lay across your wrist again to see where you want to place the next crimp bead (so they are even!) then finish off with your beads on the opposite end. You will then attach the clasp. Using a crimp bead and then tucking your wires into the end beads.

Next we will work on the rolled rosettes! This is really easy and all you will need is felt, a strip of fabric and hot glue!

I start by tying a knot at the end of my fabric. I roll (like you are making a ball) and squirt some hot glue. Roll some more...squirt some hot glue.

I do a slight twist to the fabric each time I go to roll into the "ball" or rose shape. Really there is NO way you can mess these up! They are beyond simple! But does take a lot of hot sure to not burn yourself in this process! Totally NOT speaking from experience (wink wink!)

When you are finished with your flower tuck the end piece underneath the flower and secure with extra hot glue! I then trim off any strings that maybe hanging from the fray's of the fabric!

Next you are going to cut a piece of felt to attach to the bottom of your rosette!

Hot glue to the bottom and trim around so that you can't see the felt when you have the rosette upright!

Lay the center of your bracelet over the felt in the middle (don't be jealous of my fuzzy warm fleece blanket y'all! It was actually a baby gift for Mush...but was so soft and large enough for me that I snagged it! Oh darn!)

AS you can see I caked it with hot glue! I then added another piece of felt to evenly cover the bottom and pressed down till it was nice and smooth and sealed around all edges! You may need to go around and add a wee bit more glue here and there and then trim the fleece till its perfect!

There you have it! Voila!

A sweet and funky bracelet for a very dear friend!! Happy Birthday Michelle! Oh to be 29 again (although I am excited to turn 32 this month! I am old and wise (HA HA!))

This is what we have dubbed as "the face"! Way to rock it Chelle!

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  1. What a sweet surprise for your friend. I am happy to be a new follower from Frugal Friday.

    1. Welcome welcome! I am so glad you could make it! Thanks for stopping by! <3 Leish