Pick your plum

Pick your Plum

9:13:00 AM

Sorry I have been away my friends! Those that follow me on FB have already heard that my dad passed away on the 10th of this month. I hopped on a jet plane to Missouri and just came home LATE on Saturday night. Been an emotional roller coaster which will be a future blog post! BUT for now...trying to get back into the reality of things and am SO bummed I missed getting to share our homemade Valentines with you! I will still share anyhow!

BUT FIRST! How cool are these over at Pick your Plum?? I can see lots of fun ideas with kids for these awesome key chains! Think: teachers, grandparents, friends! Oh so easy to embellish!!

Best part is the price! A whopping $1.99 each (thats a set of 4)!! So go! Hurry! Run! Pick your Plum before your neighbor does!

I promise I will be back at it this week! Heck I have a ton of "February Photo Challenge" pictures to upload!

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