February photo challenge

February Photo Challenge

8:03:00 PM

WOW! I need to play catch up! So here are a bunch in order!

Day 11: Something that makes me happy

 Day 12: Inside your closet (I was in St. Louis!)

 Day 13: Blue

 Day 14: Heart

 Day 15: Phone (and a picture Emily Grace drew of me and my biological dad)

 Day 16: Something new (dress)

 Day 17: Time (I was able to spend time with my Grandma Kitty)

 Day 18: Drink

 Day 19: Something you hate to do (Eat peas! So I gave them to Noah to eat!)

There we go! I am caught up through yesterday! Woo hoo!! Feel like I am regaining some control of things again! Go me, go me. Its my birthday (well OK in 5 days!) Its my birthday!

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