Oh what a day

A fill in

10:42:00 PM

Whew...with the kids in bed, my snugly comfy maternity sweatpants (don't judge...I hate judgement remember? Oh and NO I am NOT pregnant! In fact I dropped 2 more jean sizes! YAY!) and a blanket that I conveniently snagged from Mush (was given to her for Christmas, but it is mommy size!) wrapped around my shoulders I figure its a good time to share my day! One thing I have loved about this blogging adventure is: its OK to be ME! Nuff said!

Last night we laid the big kids down for bed and within a 1/2 an hour of them "playing" to be asleep we hear a SCREAM. Go running in there to my hubby already holding his hand below Noah's mouth and Noah has the big Doe Eyes that scream "I need my mommy". I scoop him up. Not caring that blood is dripping down him. Ha ha...you thought vomit didn't ya? Well if it was (bad mom alert) I wouldn't go near it! Don't do it. Don't like it...I throw up alongside of them! BUT blood with my kids I can handle! I pick him up and grab a washcloth and hold him like a baby on the couch while Paul gets me the baseball mitt teether we use as an icepack! (genius right?!) and I chilled with my baby boy till the bleeding stopped. I said, OK Noah...time for bed. Bleeding has stopped (3 teeth marks in his lower lip btw!) he says "No mommy...it still bweeding". So I held him some more and then said it again. He then replies the same way. Finally I look at him and said..."you just want mama to hold you huh bubbers?!" He of course starts giggling and admits I am right!

Today I woke up and it started out great! Until it was almost 11 and Mush was still not awake. So I go get her up (cause the hubby had me scared something was wrong!) and notice her eye is red at the bottom...like not pink eye red. But owie red. So I made a doc apt in my already turning crazy day! It never fails that I have to take one of my kids to the doctor when...their doctor is NOT there! Cause he is off on Thursdays! Like clockwork this day wouldn't be any different!

During the apt my two older kids start getting out of hand. Screaming, fighting, squealing, playing. Mama was mad. Steam coming out of my ears mad. It was down right embarrassing and nothing better than disciplining your to children in front of a doctor you have never met before! A doctor that doesn't know you from Joe Schmo and had to watch me put the smack down. To a child. Who has a FAT LIP! AACK! To top it off I am holding a baby who has a red mark in her eye! YIKES! Thankfully the eye was not infected and we do not currently have to do drops! If it doesn't get better, then we have to go back! She thinks her eye got scratched somehow.

We then leave to go pick up something I will be showing you guys tomorrow (a cute kid made tutorial!) and then realize I need to once again run to the house for something I forgot before Emily Grace's hair cut! She got her princess cut and it was too cute for words! I just love it (pics are on my phone and I am too lazy to upload them right now!) After that we head to Target. Where the demons came out in my older kids! Seriously...you really wanna mess with mama today? It was like wranglin' cattle! Let me tell you! The whining, the fussing, the fighting. OH and the NOT LISTENING! I had a mom say..."not to listen in but I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job! I have 3 kids too and my days are always like yours!" I vented a few seconds while we shared a laugh and then went to the check out lane where I spill my coupon binder (y'all know I coupon right? I teach some classes at my church called Frugal Farm girl! NO I will NOT be turning this into a couponing blog...I refuse dang it!) anyhow, I clean it up load up the cart (with my snow shovel I bought for $5!! Happy Valentines Day honey! Bwaaaahahahaha!) I go to the car, load up the monsters. Where we of course bicker! Talk to another mom who bless her heart has 4 kids under the age of 4! You just gasped didn't you?! She has a set of twins that were 6 months old when she had a "surprise" anniversary gift! I bow down to you!! (yes...I actually do want 1 more! Even after a day like today!)

I then load up my kid. Climb in and start to back up but stop because I realize Emily Grace is not clipped in. A lady is driving and waves me to come out. I waved her past cause I was waiting for my precious cargo. She gets annoyed with me stops 1 spot over gets out of her car to push a cart and parks her car. Glaring at me. I roll down my window and say I am sorry, but I was waiting for my daughter to clip in. She rolled her eyes at me! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I wanted to bust out a good ol' country &** whoopin' right there! The country fried words about flew outta my mouth. BUT I am a lady! And only the Hallmark, PG 13 words came out! OK...then some tears! I cried! Hard! Like a baby! So much that my husband ordered pizza. My favorite kind AND cheesy, garlic bread sticks! He really is my prince charming!

But a light was at the end of the tunnel...my sweet bestie Rachel brought me some jeans to borrow since I have been dropping weight weekly (I don't lose baby weight till I am done nursing and then it just drops! I dropped 2 pant sizes since last week!! And I love me some donuts and coffee! Work out? Whats that? I get enough of it chasing my entourage around!) I was thrilled to bits that they fit! So giddy Paul had to hear me make up a song and dance about it! Poor guy!

I am off to bed. Tomorrow will be a brand new day! I hope you have sweet dreams my friends!

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