cupcake stands

Individual Cupcake stands

2:35:00 PM

I figure I will start you guys out with a few tutorials over the next few days of some items I made for my youngest bundle of loves 1st Birthday party! I cannot believe she is 1! I am COMPLETELY head over heels for anything and everything Shabby Chic! Always have been for as long as I could remember! I wanted to display cupcakes individually for the party...I though about it for a while and hit up Craft Warehouse where I was in craft heaven...seriously I could spend an entire day in that store. Although, we would be completely broke afterwards!

Here is what you will need:

Only THE best glue ever to have on hand! I use on almost every project!

3" disc circles...I wouldn't go any smaller than this size!

3" candle sticks!

Next you are going to take your candle stick and squeeze on some of your E6000.

Next you are going to take your circle and place on top so that the candle stick is located directly in the middle! Set these aside and let them dry for an entire day!

When your stand has completely dried you can do one of two things...paint (the method I chose as I had paint jar samples I scored free a few months ago!) or you can spray may even be able to stain them which could be REALLY pretty! But I have never tried!

There you have it! I hope you like it!

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