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Candy dish & Cake plate

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I know I talk about the endless possibilities with the amazing glue E6000...but here are 2 more examples of WHY I love it so much! I went to the dollar store purchased a candle stick holder, a candle holder (medium-ish size) and a clear glass plate...yep $3. Then I found an old mason jar (the short flat wide mouthed kind) and purchased a stem of lime green hydrangeas from Michael's Craft store with the 50% off coupon...bringing my grand total up to...$5.50. Here is what I made:

Candy dish...and the cake plate stand!! (I had a better pic of the cake plate stand and no matter WHAT I do to the pic it still places it in my blog sideways! Drives me nutso!)

I used:

My glue of choice!

Here is what is needed for the candy dish (so simple!)

put the glue around the rim like so...

With the candle holder...cup dish thingy upside down (diggin' my lingo aren't ya?!) place the candlestick holder upside down onto the center of the dish. Let stand this way to fully dry at least 24 hours. That's it. You are done! Now I wouldn't recommend washing in the dishwasher although I can honestly say that I have not actually tried! But as they say...Handmade = Hand wash!

Now for the cake plate -

Here is my Dollar Store plate! I was given a whole box of jars from my Grandma's house (there were old blue glass Ball jars in there too! DROOL!) and I liked that this lid was sorta rusty/worn!

Pluck the flowers off the stem and place in your jar.

Twist your lid back on top and then put your E6000 glue all around the rim. You won't need to put any in the center as it will not be touching the plate and besides you can now see the top of the lid through the cake plate which is kinda fun!

Place your jar upside down on your plate the same way as the candy dish and let sit 24 hours to dry! I am so excited to use my plate for different things!!

There you have it! And all under $10 *counting the glue!

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  1. Great ideas! coming over from My Memories on FB. Where do you purchase that glue? I have never seen it before? Thanks for your tutorial!

  2. Thank you Linda! I buy it at Joannes or Michael's! It runs about $4.99 or so and is over by all the other craft glues!! I LOVE the stuff! You have to let it sit in one spot to dry though!! Just a heads up! Glad you liked the tutorial!!

  3. I love LOVE your cake stand! I'm not sure exactly how I found you...I was clicking through blogs and stumbled upon yours. I've been reading backwards (good right? :)) and just love following you.
    Anyway, I found this tutorial and couldn't resist! I am throwing a bridal shower for a friend tomorrow and thought "what better way to desplay her cake AND give her a gift!" Mine's a little different. I found an old candy tip jar that has the glass lid (flat). I'm excited to give it to her and for her to realize she can change the decorations in the jar to match parties. :)

    Thank you!!!

    1. OH Melissa this comment made my entire day! WELCOME! Thank you so much for stopping by and would LOVE to see a picture of your finished product! Have a blessed day!