October brings...

9:20:00 PM

Halloween decorations! YAY! I am sorry I have been MIA...I am the unfortunate carrier of a DUM DUM DUM...cold. Yep. This one is knocking me on my bum too! Between the cold, my etsy site (getting ready for Holiday season!) and 2 upcoming birthdays (which I can hardly contain my excitement with all the fun stuff I have been working on!) I have neglected you! But I am here...if only for a brief moment to show you some of my Halloween decorations I did get set up! I am saving some for after my son's birthday party this next weekend!

This is up on my mantel. I love how it turned out! The pumpkins are all from the Craft warehouse. I made my candlestick holders and you can find the tutorial here. I bought the candy corn plate at Target in the $1 spot section up front. The Boo letters I got at a store closing and the little metal pumpkin up front is a place card holder!!

I know what you are thinking...CRAZY MESSY! lol! On top of some bookshelves (or in this pics case the DVD/Frog shelf...see Billy? Hi Billy!) I bought this large straw and pressed metal pumpkin at another stores closing sale. I had my kids help make the spiders and they also made the frames!

A close up of the pipe cleaner spiders we made! Super easy! I will do a tutorial! The signs I made with Modge Podge, Halloween stickers and shredded paper I bought at Paper Zone.

My kids had a blast making their own picture frames! I bought the wooden ones from Michael's for $1 each. Painted them black and bought an assortment of googly eyes and they attached them with glitter glue!

This is a super easy centerpiece made entirely from items you can find at the Dollar Store! The plate stand is made from a candle stick holder and a glass plate. I attached the items by using this:

A glue that every crafter should have on hand! It attaches nearly everything you can possibly imagine! Attach various flowers, feathers, leaves etc to make an arrangement around the outer edge of the plate. Glue them down! Let dry. Then take a fake pumpkin and use regular glue to make circles and dust with glitter! Its really that simple!

It's been so nice catching up with you guys!! See you soon!

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