Blessings Book

Blessings Book

4:02:00 PM

Have you ever heard of people writing a letter to their children each year on their birthday and then giving ALL of the letters to them their first year of college? Well I have always thought, what a neat idea. But haven't done it! Instead I decided since my little love bug will be 1 tomorrow I will instead make what I am calling a "Blessings Book". I found a great spiral black book at Michael's that I thought would be perfect! I am going to have guests at her 1st birthday party take a card and write her a blessing or note. This way each year on her birthday we can read a new one! Then I can give her the book as she moves onto college/life or whatever else she decides to do!

You will need: a spiral book with plain sheets inside. A box of cards with envelopes (I found mine at Joanne's!) and scrap booking mounting squares.

Stick the mounting squares on the back of the envelope (I did one in each corner and then one in the middle!)

Peel off the backing, turn your envelope over and stick it in your book! I started mine on Page 2 of the book as I plan on typing up a letter telling what/why I made the book for her!

Slide your card into the envelope (I will be leaving them partially out like shown above so that people know that card is available to write in!) I then used a white gel pen to write below each card which birthday it is related to.

And voila! You have yourself a blessings book you can look at each year! I can hardly contain myself for Ava Faith's upcoming 1st Birthday party!!

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