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Princess Party

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For Emily Grace's 3rd party she asked for a Princess party! I agreed, but I need you to know that I am not the traditional go and by a theme at a store kinda mama! I take great pride in the details and I design each and every cake for my children's parties! It brings me joy to watch peoples faces as they step into the party! I also need you to know I have to work on a budget! SO, I have learned to find amazing things at the $1 store or even the $1 section of Michael's! I love me a good deal!

I think I may have mentioned a few billion times that one of my best friends is a photographer! I am VERY spoiled and blessed to have her in my life! She brings such vibrancy and artistic abilities to my life! You can visit Michelle's website at Casual Camera. Her talent is indescribable! You will see many more posts where I share her photography!!

I made the pennants above out of scrapbook paper and used punches to make flower, butterflies and birds to attach. It spelled out Emily Grace. I used strawberry flavored marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and dusted purple sugar sprinkles over top. I also placed a jelly bean in the middle. I had them on a candy stick that I stuck into oasis that was covered with green shredded paper in a white glass dish. Butterflies were placed in various areas around the party.

Party favors were made for boys and girls! Pink bags had fun girly items and blue had...well boy toys! The boys came dressed as princes while the girls donned Princess attire!

I blew up a pool (or shall I say my husband did!) and we made a ball pit in the middle of the party! Pictures were placed in various frames around the tables of my sweet Princess!

I am very proud of how my cake and cupcakes turned out! I drew them out and explained exactly what I was going for. And just like always Ryan nailed it! I always use Ryan or Gus from Lambs Thriftway in Wilsonville! We have a wonderful working relationship now and they get excited for each party to see what I have come up with! I have never been disappointed!

My Princess had a wonderful time and I have such fun pictures to remember the day with! I can hardly believe this party was 2 years ago! Oh how time flies!

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  1. Oh, if you had only posted a week ago. I just did a princess party for Hope. It didn't go as I planned, but she loved it. Love your cake!