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A day in the life!

4:55:00 PM

Goodness where has this day gone? I attempted to take my kids to see Yogi Bear at the Regal Summer Family day and failed miserably! I made it there...early. BUT by the time we got inside it was sold out! Bummer deal dude!

So instead this is what I worked on:

While sitting next to this cutie:

My big ones were busy watching Fraggle Rock (Yep! Bad mom alert...I am ousted! I let my kids watch t.v.!)

Anyhow I am getting ready for my stuff to be at a festival and have been working like crazy! Plus I am working on re-vamping my whole business line! Oh, you didn't know I own a business? By golly go to Bliss Baby Designs and you can see what it's all about!

I am now 45 minutes from leaving to teach a class! I **GASP** teach on couponing! My class is called Frugal Farm Girl (fitting eh?!). I get to sit and have dinner with some amazing women from my church and then we get dismissed into our own classrooms where I have a class of almost 20 people!

Do I have anything in my teeth?!

Have a fantabulous night!

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