Father's Day

Wednesday Memory Maker

10:34:00 AM

May day May day...oh wait it's June! I dunno about you guys but my brain is preparing for Father's Day! Every other year I do the same gift for Father's day for my husband (well mainly because we have added a new member to our home!).

I went to Joannes Fabric store and purchased cardboard letters in D and A. This last time we went out to a local strawberry farm and I brought the letters and the camera with us just in case we had a perfect opportunity! We had a blast! Picking and eating strawberries and then having an impromptu Father's Day photo shoot! Here is how it turned out!

I found a very classy black frame with 3 slots in it at Michael's. It has a black matte which makes the pictures pop! What neat Father's Day ideas do YOU have?!

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