Summer Adventures

7:10:00 PM

I wanted to make a goal this year of the weekends that we have time (which honestly...Summer...usually pretty packed!) I want to take the kids on adventures. Something that Paul and I used to do before the kids came along was hike. Being the backwoods girl I am you will usually see me wearing my flip flops even on trails...those of you that find it odd, let's just say these feet were not made for shoes! lol! If I could walk the trails barefoot I probably would!

We set out with our plan to go to Multnomah Falls off of old Hwy. 84 (Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy. - take the Bridal Veil Exit) towards Hood River, Oregon. If you have never been out there, I highly recommend at least visiting once! We pulled in and the falls were beyond packed! The old Indian legend for the falls states that an Indian Princess jumped into the falls as an effort to save her tribe. The long falls of water is to represent her long hair. For those that don't know I too am Native American! I LOVE my heritage! When you go to the falls the history they have posted is not the same Native American legend that I as a little girl learned.

Unfortunately parking was extinct so we headed on up the road. We came to a spot that we had never stopped at before called Horse Tail Falls. Horse Tail falls is tucked into Oneonta Gorge in Multnomah County. The hike to the top of the falls is only .4 miles which we thought would be a fairly easy trek for the kids! We had our lunches packed and ate by the basin. Mist was cooling us off in the warm summer heat.

I will warn you the trails are rocky! It is not meant for strollers and make sure to teach your children to stay to the inside of the trails or to the wall which we called it! Lots of pretty foliage to see and when you get to the top you won't be disappointed! Unfortunately my camera on the other hand took a tumble and will now be going into the repair shop! Dang!

When you are finished make sure to go back to the basin and stick your feet into the water! It is chilly but incredibly clear! The kids had a blast!

Oh and if you are wondering what the kids are shouting...they are yelling WATERFALL! Cheers to a wonderful 1st Summer adventure! More adventures to come in the upcoming weeks!

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