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Make it Monday

11:36:00 AM

We have been working like crazy on outdoor projects around our home! We got the bark all laid out front and some in the back, my lavender plants all died (but 1) this year so we ripped them out of the ground! I am ready for a fresh new start. I look forward to what Summer will bring. BBQ's with friends, yummy garden fruits and veggies (which btw we changed out all of our strawberries last summer and this year we have already picked a HUGE bowl full of fresh red, ripe strawberries! Yummy!). I look forward to sitting out back and eating dinner in the nice warm Summer breeze! Aaaah, the possibilities are endless!

I have been trying to figure out a way to identify the seeds that we plant. I used to do Popsicle sticks but the kids would pull them this year I came up with a new idea! First I had the kids color on clothes pins.

Then I got the little bio-degradable pots that you plant fully into the ground and lined a box with aluminum foil.

Then I had the kids plant seeds into the little pots.

We then took the clothes pins and wrote the name of the "planted" in sharpie and clipped it on!

And there you have it...easy and fun for the kids to make! I placed my now watered seeds near a window so we can watch them grow and get them planted!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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