12:20:00 PM

I have received emails asking...WHERE ARE YOU! I am here! What a crazy week it has been though! The swagger is in the shop and the rental place gave me a BRIGHT blue sardine can on wheels! No joke! If I can reach back to hand my child something while both of us are seat belted in...we gotta problem! The positive side is I spent the entire week with friends! We went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn, OR and couldn't have picked a better day! The skies were clear, it was fairly warm (say high 50's!) and just plain gorgeous! If you haven't been I highly recommend packing a lunch, extra clothes, a camera and the kids and find a local one! Here are some pics from our day of fun!!

and she doesn't know this but one of my best friends Michelle let me take a few pics of her and her girls! She is a professional photographer so I felt honored and was so proud of how it turned out!!

I am in love with all things country so have to share this last and final picture! I hope your Easter weekend is filled with lots of love, cherished moments and fun. He is risen indeed!!

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