car accident

Lost a lil' swagger today....

8:14:00 PM

Well today was a super sad day for me...I was leaving one of my fab 5's houses and her neighbor pulled out of her driveway and backed right into the swagger wagon! I would by lying if I wasn't crying! My gorgeous swagger wagon (I will never own a mini-van...I got'sta have too much swagger for that sorta thing!) all munched up in the front right corner. Emily Grace said "mommy, our car has a crack down the front...we need a new one" and Noah just said to Paul "daddy the car went BONK"! Oh from the mouths of babes! On a good note, everyone is fine. Shook up, but great. Ms. Ava Faith slept the whole time! I was a sobbing mess but made it through all the fun insurance stuff! Next up rental car (bleh!) and body shop! But in dedication to all you swaggers out there...this ones for you:

Now go drink a juice box for the ol' swagger would ya?!

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