Wednesday Memory Maker

7:42:00 PM

SO I decided I am going to try things a wee bit differently. You will have to let me know if you like this idea or not! I am going to have a specific topic each day. For example today is a "memory maker" day.

Today we woke up and it actually wasn't raining! YAY! 27 consecutive days in a row with rain and we had an entire morning/afternoon shower free! So we took advantage of this. Put on some grubby clothes, gathered our rain boots. Pulled out hair back and dug...in...the...dirt! Of course for me it was all about gardening. Or shall I say the preparation FOR my gardening! How in the world can so many weeds pop out of the ground in a 3 month span? Sheesh! I need a kid to come by that I can pay a $1 an hour to pull these puppies (Did I totally age myself there?! Man brings back memories of my "Raking Claws" business I had back in middle school...that job totally sucked!)

Anyhow here is how my kids enjoyed this day:

Finding worms and naming them Nona. If you didn't notice she is wearing a dress with sparkly shoes in the color "fragile" which happens to be a new Crayola color (not really...!)

I love my sweet Emily Grace and her love for her squirmy little friends!

While my eldest found worms and made up stories my middle did this...DIG! He made holes and jumped in them. Flinging dirt all while saying over and over again...dig dig dig! He did stop to help me plant seeds...of course!

We came inside after our enjoyable two hours diggin' and playin' and plantin' to make lunch. As our youngest little bundle of love looked on like this:

Seriously...now who could resist this little face?! Not mama that's for sure! Lil' Miss Ava Faith was attacked with a face full of kisses shortly after!

To finish off we enjoyed a favorite past time of mine. Oreo's. Seriously Oreo creator...I wuv you! Spring Oreo's filled with yellow creamy goodness and laughter....ah. Good times!

What memories did you make today?! I would love to hear! Until tomorrow, have a fantastic evening!

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  1. Love the layout Carrie designed. SO CUTE and your are doing a great job blogging. Love you!

  2. Now you have 10 followers...:] I love you kiddo, how much fun.