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One thing about me...I LOVE unique party ideas! If I am going to do something I have to try my darnedest to make everything PERFECT! With that, I threw a baby shower for my adorable lil' sister last summer and did Alice in Wonderland (well I called it Felicia in Wonderland!) themed! I ransacked the Internet and didn't find much that I was wanting. SO I took matters into my own hands!

I have a friend who has actually physically "design" my invitation idea using one of her programs! I bought an image off of Etsy and wrote out exactly what I wanted it to say and told her I wanted it to look like a playing card! This is how it turned out (please ignore my shotty attempt to erase my personal info!). Didn't she do a fabulous job?! She emailed me the "card" and I printed it on card stock paper. I then bought red cards at Michael's Crafts store (not affiliated, but if they want to give me a lil' somethin' somethin' all means do!) and used a round edged punch to round out the corners...OK so I had to have my husband do it cause it was too thick for my wee wittle hands, but who's keeping score anyhow?! I added red rhinestones from the scrapbook section for the 'i's and my fave exclamation point!

When you opened the card up it looked like this:

Now comes the fun part! Getting creative with the decos! I will tell you I searched HIGH and low for a stopwatch and old fashioned clocks...can I add they were very hard to locate. SO I had to improvise! This is one of the decos I did:

This was so much fun! I bought different shaped flowers. Big, small and tried to stick with the red, black and white theme! I raided my kids craft box and used the googly eyes (hot glued them on), I thought they turned out fantastic!

This is the drink table! I had party favors, I wrapped the waters in scrapbook paper and ribbon. I made the little men to look like the queen of hearts "card men"! (people from Michael's, cards from the $1 store & once again googly eyes!)

I went with all small food items! Little bite sized apple pies, the cupcakes were made in a flower silicone pan and I dusted them with powdered sugar and red sugar sprinkles.

This is the party favor for the party! I thought they turned out darling!

Me and my lil' sister! Isn't she cute as a bug! Oh and for those wondering why our mom named us "Aleisha and Felicia" we are actually sister "in laws" but who needs that end title anyhow?!

The table setting! I borrowed tea pots and in the pots that had red and white roses I bought LARGE child sized paint brushes, dipped the ends in red paint and stuck them inside (cause remember the queen of hearts ordered the white roses be painted red?!)

These are the cookies I made! Eat me, Try me, taste me!

We had a great time at the shower and it was so much fun to put together! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to message me! I am hosting a baby shower for my bff this weekend which is for a baby boy! Very excited to share the ideas next week!

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