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Twist on Twinkies - Mini S'mores Trifle

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I have to be honest with y'all...I am obsessed with s'mores and I am obsessed with chocolate! I just so happened to be grocery shopping and came across Chocolate Cake Twinkies. Let's just say they ended up in my cart! I was texting with my friend who is in India with his team and he was telling me how he actually packed a suitcase full of Twinkies to take to his team from the U.S.! I told him that I had envisioned cutting a Chocolate Covered Twinkie in half and roasting marshmallows to make a s'more! He laughed at me and didn't think it would work...so...I made up my own S'more Trifle recipe!! HA! Take that!

For my twist on Twinkies you will make each mini trifle with 1 1/2 Chocolate Cake Twinkies. Tear them apart into bite size pieces and make a layer in the bottom of a small jar or bowl.

I dare you not to take bites in between...easy for me to dare cause I failed! 

For the layers I used marshmallow fluff (that I thinned out with a small amount of coconut milk) and dark chocolate pudding.

The best part of this recipe is you can layer however you like. We used crushed graham crackers, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows for the top. If you don't have a brulee torch, no worries! I didn't either! Instead I used a lighter and toasted the tops!

The Fudge Covered Twinkies...didn't make it very far outside the wrapping before I devoured it! What can I say, I am a sucker for Hostess! Click HERE to find new recipes, new products and figure out whatever happened to Twinkie the Kid (OH COME ON...did I just totally age myself?! It was my favorite tee-shirt growing up!)

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  1. Can't go wrong when you use marshmallows!

    See my twinkies recipe here:
    The Pink Paperdoll