Make life a little sweeter than usual

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Tis the season to be jolly. I dunno about you but I love me some, sumpin' fierce! My love language is gifts. I LOVE to make, create and give. One of my most favorite brands to use when baking in the kitchen is NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE. I know whatever I make it is guaranteed to be delish as it is a brand I have used since I was a kid! In fact I was in charge of making the Chocolate Chip Cookies as my recipe was the best!

Have you TRIED their hot cocoa?? It is the best and creamiest. My secretly fabulous hot cocoa consists of lots of whip cream and finely chopped candy canes on top. The powdery dust of the candy canes gives it an unbelievable flavor! Hellooooo holidays! The first things my kids ask for on snowy, cold and blustery days "Mama, can you make your cocoa?" They have no idea but we are doing a Polar Express night with their very own cocoa bar. They can choose their cocoa toppings. Curl up under a cozy blanket and watch one of our favorite Christmas movies!

My friends and neighbors are receiving my famous Christmas bark. I love the combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate combined together with chopped candy canes on top. And it is ridiculously easy!

I personally buy my Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips at Costco! As I said, NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE is the brand we have used since before I was even a thought! I use large mason jars and fill them in pantry so they are pretty! We never not have them on hand. I was THRILLED to find mini morsels which I plan on using for cookie decorating, as well as pancakes! For this bark recipe pick pick a chocolate flavor! I used semi-sweet for this recipe sometimes like to use dark as well! You will also need a large bag of white chocolate morsels. 

Take a large pot, fill 1/4 way with water. Place a metal bowl or glass bowl over top. Be sure water is not touching the bowl on the inside. This will burn your chocolate! Bring water to boil on high and dump in your morsels.

Mix until creamy and smooth. I used a disposable cookie sheet which is lined with parchment paper. Spread your chocolate out evenly and then place in the refrigerator while you start the next process!

Repeat the same steps as above, this time with the white chocolate. When the milk chocolate is cooled pour the white chocolate over top. Spread and sprinkle with finely chopped peppermint sticks. Something you can do for added flavor is using peppermint extract or even spearmint flavor the chocolate before spreading in the pan. You will want to do this after the chocolate is fully smooth. Refrigerate 1-2 hours. When fully solid you can either use your hands or a knife to break the bark into chunks. We place in colorful tins and mason jars we will deliver to our friends. 

I hope you can 'bake' someone's day this holiday! Look for a fun giveaway on Instagram! Do me a HERE <----- tell me WHAT I should make next!! This will act as an extra entry on the giveaway that is found on Instagram! You can follow my friends at NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE here on Facebook as well as click HERE for a coupon! I can't wait to hear what you think I should make! 

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