I'm Happy for You... book review & GIVEAWAY!

12:20:00 PM

Let's face it. We all have an inner green meanie (as my family calls it). You know the one that when a friend, neighbor or Facebook friend has something really incredible happen for them. They have amazing talent and can decorate like a crazy foo'. Their husbands work send them on exotic trips all over the world, all while their children are perfect in every way. Never fight. Never disobey and travel easily. UM. That is NOT reality and we have to stop it. NOW!

Kay Wills Wyma sent me her newest book called "I'm Happy for You {SORT OF...Not Really}" first off she is a creative genius. I love my fellow blog sista' and she even sent me chocolate with the book. She knew the way to my heart! Her book nailed it on the head. We have ALL been there. You feel like what you have to offer is so much less than Miss Perfect who has the most incredible life and yours just stinks. STOP THAT!

As Kay says in the's simple. Change a few letters in the word "Comparison" and you get the word "Compassion". <----- mind blown. Right? We are all victims of comparison. We are all convicted of passionately GIVING comparison. It is embedded inside of us. You might not even know you are doing it. "Oh look at that, I wonder where she got that? I bet she has a rich husband." as you stare at the person in the line of the grocery store. We do it without thinking. But we need to stop that.
Kay said, "The urge to maintain appearances chains us to performance and leads us away from contentment. Freedom comes when we each focus on doing our best rather than being the best."

We are in this together. You are not alone. There is nothing worse than people walking up and stating their opinions on you. Am I right? Let's learn to uplift and not project. You all rock as individuals. Let's do that together!

I love her book! She gives unique tips and stories to help you. I needed it! I needed to wash away the green meanie within and be content and happy with my present! How about you? Are you ready? Well you can win a copy for yourself!

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