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Because THEY make a difference...

12:02:00 AM

Teachers are one of the most influential people in our children's lives. The right ones will help your children to bloom into something amazing. We have been very blessed over the years. In fact, 3 of my 4 have all had the SAME teachers in preschool. They go to a private Christian school and I LOVE it! When they tell my child that they love them, they actually mean it! They have watched 2 of my babes grow from the moment my belly started to show. This has been incredibly special. We love them and we are thankful for them!

I had NO idea what I wanted to do this year for the teachers, until. We were playing around in Michael's! We were grabbing random art supplies here and there...took them home and we were SO happy with what we put together! I LOVE letting my babes get involved! I think it makes it 10x sweeter!

{not pictured - coffee gift cards} We found these amazing signs at Kohl's and I bought all that was left!! When Valentines is over I always stock up on the Dove hearts as I think they are so sweet and a great touch to almost any gift. Fill a mason jar with hearts perhaps?! Give a jar of luuuuurve!

The earrings are from my shop and will be relisted soon! I have a ton in the works to post so check back! I also enlisted the help of my best gillie! She wrote out the names of the teachers in her beautimus handwriting! She has an amazing Etsy shop as well!

I added basket filled to each berry basket (found at Michael's!) and then my baby filled the inside with all of our goodies (earrings, candles, coffee cards and chocolates!). Be sure you stick a glue dot to the back of the doily before attaching to the berry basket. The large clip helped to hold the fun twine in place as well as the tag (also found at Michael's in one of the seasonal sections.)

Simple, yet made a very big impression! There was lots of oooooh's and aaaaaah's and I had a few messages asking where I found xy or z! Don't forget to seal the deal by including a hug! Have a blessed day!

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