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Let it be Jesus...

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My motto...I need a little bit of coffee, and a WHOLE lotta Jesus! The moment I step back inside after dropping my bigs to school. I slip into slippers or fluffy socks (I have a collection that could put anyone to shame!!) Seriously I dunno if I should actually be bragging about it! If I haven't stopped in to say HI to my Dutch crew, I turn on the Kuerig, pick a mug (I also have a mug collection with everything from mugs friends have bought me because it reminded them of me, Anthropology mugs or ones that make me giggle or smile! It's kinda like "pick your mood") brew a cup of java. Dump in a whole lotta creamer. Stir with a baby spoon and then turn on some worship music.

THIS is "Mommy's power hour". That usually lasts until I need to be somewhere! Flooding my heart, my mind and my soul with worship get's my blood flowing. Brings my mood up to a level which makes me bubble over with joy. Dance parties usually break out. My wee ones join in. Singing along, sippy cups dribbling over. Messes are made and nothing else matter but living IN that very moment. God speaks to me through the words in the music. The beat is like a hug. I literally see His blessings more clearly.

I am a worship junky!

There! I admitted it! I will say it again. My name is Aleisha and I am addicted to worship music. PHEW. I feel so much better now!!

Along comes Christy Nockel's and her NEW album Let it be Jesus. And you will shed tears my friends. NO not the "OH MY WORD. WHAT IS THAT." but the kind that are emotional. The feelings that settle deep within you. If I could pick my faves from her new album, My Anchor...listen to the words "Jesus, I hold onto YOU and YOU hold onto ME". UM. Thank you Lord!! AMEN!! You ARE my anchor!!! I may have become one of THOSE people and started following Christy on Instagram! And Twitter! No but, seriously Christy, if you are reading this. I think we should totally be BFF's...! I would settle for just being friends. But let's get mani's and pedi's together and laugh at each other's jokes!

The title song, Let it be Jesus is my anthem song. This song is WHAT I strive to live by! YOU must listen for yourself!! You can find her album NOW on iTunes!!

Christy has seen first hand how God can sweep His presence into a room like a gust of wind. She was raised as a pastor's kid and her love for Christ resounds in her music. I am super excited that one of YOU will get to have her album by entering HERE! ON MY BLOG! Yep, I told you Christy and I were friends. Like. Duh. And stuff!

I cannot wait to hear what you all think! Hurry, go enter! Tell your friends! Don't be stingy now!

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