Potty training

12:00:00 AM

This child. Oh. I love her. I really, truly love her. But she can be as tough as nails! When she was about 10 months old. I remember her brother taking a toy from her. I watched her ball up her tiny little fist and slug him in the cheek. True story! Oh did I mention she is a tiny bug too! She was in preemie clothes for a month and a 1/2. Newborn clothes for 6 months and by her first birthday she was FINALLY in 3-6 month clothing! She is a comedian. Not a day goes by that she doesn't make us laugh. She is a spitfire. We are not concerned one bit that this girl can hold her own. And when she makes up her mind that she wants to do something. She goes for it! Like potty training!

I decided there was NO way {NONE} in the slightest chance that I was ready to embark on the hidirocious world of...potty training. I have been down that path 2x before her and I KNOW what it entails! I have prayed that they would invent a drop off "potty training" camp for toddlers. Sorta along the lines of training a puppy. But with kids. I know she will not go to high school in diapers. So what's the rush? Well. My friend Heather of The Flannel Lamb sent her a sweet care package. Inside were the CUTEST potty training underpants. Like ever! Seriously I wish I had these for Emily Grace and Noah!

In all honesty the moment this package arrived I was excited to start the process! We don't waste our time on the portable potty seats. We also threw out the toilet inserts a long time ago. We found it was easier on us and the kiddos to go straight to the porcelain throne. I had these awful plastic diaper cover things I put on Emily Grace over her panties to make sure if she peed she wouldn't soil her clothes. The bad part was...they were SO hot I would have to change her because she was sweating to death! These are reinforced with extra "leak proof" protection! Now these cannot be used as diapers. BUT when your little one is trying super hard to hold it a little tinkle isn't going to hurt them!

They are the cutest things on their little rears and she had so much confidence as we went about our normal day. I cannot recommend these enough and will actually be looking forward to potty training Olivia with a sigh of relief! Heather...where have you been my whole life?!

Heather was kind enough to offer a sweet discount to her shop for my readers! Use the code: BRITCHESNBOOTS for 10% off your order on The Flannel Lamb.

I sure hope you try them! Have a blessed day!

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