bare faced beauty

Barefaced and beautiful without...within

9:15:00 PM

My friend Sarah from The Linley House asked if I would want to join in on a project. In honor of national eating disorder awareness week we are not hiding. We are baring our faces tomorrow the 28th of January to show our support. We are not hiding behind any masks and we want to show our younger generations of women that YOU ARE and should feel beautiful about yourself in your own skin. I will admit...I rarely leave my house without makeup. I also will admit thanks to lack of sleep I have some wonderful perma-dark circles around my eyes. But if I can do something to help someone else feel better "in their own skin" I am proud to do so. We are not the only ones joining in the movement this won't you join us? There is a hash tag on Twitter and Instagram #BAREFACEDBEAUTY Watch the video below for more information and shocking statistics. Its very eye opening. Have a blessed day!

{If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, please contact NEDA's helpline at 1-800-931-2237}

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