Hot Cocoa Spoons and Giveaway

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One of my all time favorite things to make every Winter is Hot Cocoa Spoons! They are delightfully easy and bring a smile to every one's face!  I found blue spoons at the dollar store this year and went crazy over the vibrancy it added to the spoons!!

Spoons...plastic. Any will do! You can use regular spoons too if you like! A small glass bowl to melt candies, a meat cleaver, mint candies (I love the See's peppermint twists because they are like the dinner mints that melt so easily in your mouth!), candy/treat bags, ribbon (I used tulle) and chocolate of some sort. I switch it up every year. Sometimes I buy Ghirardelli white chocolate this year I went for the Hershey's bells. They have chocolate and white chocolate with tiny mint bits in them. Mind you when they harden they will have slight "white" spots on them. This is because of the combo of the two chocolates!

As the picture above shows. Its that easy! Be sure you melt the chocolate in 30-45 second increments in the microwave or you will burn your chocolate. You will want to stir in-between each segment. Dip your spoons in the bowl. Swirl around a bit so you have some depth in the spoon and let rest on wax paper.

See how easy that was?! After you sprinkle you will then let the spoons sit until hardened. I let harden so the chocolate isn't wiggly anymore, then stick on a plate and place inside the fridge! Next step is place in candy bags (regular sized candy bags you can fit up to 3!) and tie off with ribbon (or in my case tulle cause it was perdy!) and package up! I like to send mine off with hot cocoa. Fill a mason jar or even just a few packets!

Wouldn't you love getting this adorable package in the mail?! I know I sure would! WAIT...there's more! My sweet friend Noel {SO STINKING GIDDY RIGHT NOW!} is amazing and decided she would like one of my readers to win an apron! YES WAY! You excited? Let me tell you about Noel. First off we met when I was just a wee pup bloggin'. Its a GREAT BIG BLOGGIN' world out there and I feel pretty blessed that we stumbled upon each other! We hit it off like chicken nuggets and ranch dressing. Coke cola and ice cubes. This girl is the bomb diggity! Oh, and we are in this super cool "mom of 4 club" totally made that up but wouldn't it be neat if we were?!

Noel has been a God send and has always sent me sweet messages along my journey. I don't even think she realizes how spectacular she is and how crazy I am about her. Sisters in Christ we are united by the same calling life. Thank you SO much Noel for your generosity and blessing one of my readers! She has an Etsy site which is down at the moment but I am hoping she will open it up again real soon!! FINGERS CROSSED!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only due to shipping costs.

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