Tiny tidbits: Pet fish

9:49:00 AM

As a mama of 4 some days my life is complete chaos! Lets face home is over run by little people! Imagine 4 tornado's hitting your home at any given moment! I get asked all the I manage to have pets and children at the same time. is a simple trick I use so that we can keep our beloved pet fish of 3 years Nemo! Its so easy consider your mind BLOWN!

I cheat...I have 3 of these $1 "candle" holder bowls that are perfect size for our Betta (did you know that a Betta is a "puddle" fish in Thailand?!) and a bag of $1 store filler rocks. I put rocks in the bottom...fill with tap water (yep...I do not use special water!). Reach my hand in {gross} grab the fish and drop it in the clean bowl! I then dump out the water dump the rocks into the garbage can. Soak the bowl in sudsy water and then stick in the dishwasher on the bottom. Voila! Clean as can be! And SUPER easy!

We used to have a tank. With the filter and the cleaning snails (also have tried the sucker fish) but it was a royal pain in my batooty to get that sucker clean! I do not have time for high maintenance pets!  I used to be worried about the water and you know what. The moment I stopped worrying we stopped killing fish! So there you have it!! I hope you are having a blessed day!!

Here is a funny for you - and a reason why I haven't blogged in a bit!

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  1. Haha. This is a great tip! :-) I LOVE your new blog look! :-)