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Ssssshhhhh...I am about to talk about a 13 letter word. Wait for it. Breastfeeding! {in fact I had to stop to feed the baby! Go figure! Were in sync!} The topic of breastfeeding for some reason can fluster people. Ruffle feathers. Even make some feel uncomfortable. I apologize in advance! But I was the mom who didn't decide to breastfeed (in fact thought that I wouldn't!) until my oldest was in my arms. The second I held her I knew I wanted to try. It was not easy with her! I bled. I was sore and then I got thrush 2 weeks after having her! NO ONE warns you about those things! So I wanna share some things and items that have worked for me! I felt inundated when I finally made it to the store. I have tried almost every brand of breast pads out there and can tell most felt as though I was ripping a band-aid off get the idea! Now I wanna apologize in advance to those that are unable to breastfeed and want to. My heart aches for you and I am so sorry. Truly.

My biggest tip if you want to SOON as you have them (I had all c-sections so believe me it can be done) put your baby skin to skin and up to the breast! I nurse on demand. I do not go off of a schedule. I have been told because of this my milk comes in faster, I have enough to feed a village and my baby is happier because I am not holding back with restraints. My lactation specialist actually told me she wishes I could attend all of her classes to share this big tip! Also, the more confident and comfortable YOU are, the easier it will be! (I am nursing in the car in the parking lot of my sons school in the picture above! The picture as the kids are playing at the park and I am standing up nursing. While I edit I am typing and nursing at the desk!).

I do own a "Breast friend" pillow. (you can find them on amazon here). You do not need a special pillow to breast feed. I actually use this more for my children to be able to hold the baby more than anything. BUT when you are first learning these come in really handy to be able to support the baby and concentrate on what you are doing!

When it comes to clothing. I do not spend a ton of money on "nursing" tops. I do have a few nursing tanks. I also invest in GOOD nursing bra's! My favorite is Bravado brand (which you can now find at various stores!). I have a sleep bra for night time (so comfy!) and then a few different styles of nursing bra's for daytime! All are Bravado! I have tried so many types but these are the most comfortable and hold up really well which is important! For tank tops I like ones that are longer (I wanna cover my tummy!) so I found these HERE at Target that I bought in both colors! I hang them to dry only!! I do not want them to shrink! I actually wear them with a cute cardigan over and a pair of jeans (or yoga pants!). I like to wear V necks as apposed to scoop necks and have figured out I really don't need to change my wardrobe to accommodate feedings (this coming from the mom who had to strip down to her skivvies with the first baby! Yes. Yes that was me!)

Lansinoh brand lanolin (helps to prevent cracking, bleeding etc. I make sure I have a tube of this when I first start nursing at the hospital. I put it on after each feeding the first few weeks!) is my go to product I buy for every new mama!! I have tried others and they are too thick that it hurts to rub on! I will never steer away from the Lansinoh brand breast pads! I kid you not they are the ONLY ones I have tried that do not leak and do not feel like a band-aid being ripped off my breast! Yes...that can happen! Trust me! I was thrilled walking into Target the other day and they now carry a box of 100 (lasts me about 2-3 weeks because I leak like no other all the way till the end!)

My nursing cover is made by Udder Covers. I actually have a few of them! This is my favorite one as it has a bend in the top part which helps to see the baby and makes it so you can keep the cover easily away from the babies face!! The one I have is called the "Natalie" and I also own the "Elsa". I am more discrete with nursing in public! You come into my home I may nurse openly. But if I am out and about I have my cover with me at all times!

Now I am an Oregon girl! I have been Midwest and was shocked at how many people DON'T breastfeed! They find it weird! So yes, in a way I am a bit crunchy?! But it saves me hundreds in formula! I do have a pump (Medela brand) but I feel like a cow  { insert moo here _____________ } when I use it! I always make sure I have some milk stored in the freezer for a just in case moment. But out of all 4 of my children...we have failed miserably at them even taking a bottle...until now! Yesterday for the first time ever my husband was able to feed Livy from a bottle I purchased just yesterday! It was a sweet moment for him (I was a mess inside!) But I do like to be prepared in the off chance its needed!

I have had thrush (its basically a yeast infection in your nipple from the baby! It feels as though you are shooting razors...yes razors from your nipple while feeding. You will KNOW you have it!) only once. It has nothing to do with cleanliness etc its just something that can happen. I had to get a prescription from the doctor (antibiotic and a nipple cream) to get it gone. I have also had mastitis (a clogged milk duct) which makes you feel as though you have the flu..without the puking. You will have a red HOT to touch area on the skin. That too will need to be treated with antibiotics and I used thinks like cabbage etc to help alleviate the pain (cabbage leaves for some reason are extremely therapeutic for even engorgement!). These two things are NOT to be left alone! Get them taken care of right away! Before I leave the hospital I get a pack of gel pads from lactation! I keep them in the fridge and they are amazing when you are feeling sore! Directions are on the package! Wash and reuse up to 2 weeks!

When breastfeeding make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. I drink a ton of green tea (Jasmine blossom green tea with a touch of sweet tea!) all day everyday! Also remember to continue to eat healthy as your baby will first get the nutrients before you do! Your body is designed this way! Also, sadly I hate to say it but the ladies are not as perky as they once were (and I dropped 3 sizes after I was done nursing each time!). Unfortunately I have not heard of a way to prevent this. Its just reality! Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins when breastfeeding as well! You will still need the extra nutrients from the prenatal just as you did when pregnant!

My biggest piece of advice is to not give up. If you really really want to breastfeed and are having trouble. Speak to a lactation specialist they will help you through the bumps and if in fact they deem it not possible they are trained to know when this is the case. Also, if you do not have issues with breastfeeding please be sure you are sensitive to those moms that DO have issues. Its hard. One of my very best friends had a tough go at it and she was embarrassed to tell me because she thought I would look at her wrongly. She laughed later on realizing how silly that was! I hope you could get a few tidbits out of what has helped me! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Great post! I had thrush with my middle and it stinks!! I knew I wanted to breastfeed from the start but when I had my first it was uncomfortable at now I could care less. If people are offended thats their problem because I have a baby to feed! I think the hardest thing is trying to feed one and run after two others but you know all about that.

    1. Isn't it horrible!! LOL YES! Its very hard! I have gotten to the point where I don't care though and just sit back and feed Livy whenever I need to. Everything else can wait! Thankfully they have been understanding of this!

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