Rise of the Guardians

10:18:00 AM

Over the weekend a friend and myself took our eldest to see Rise of the Guardians! I had heard mixed reviews and thoughts on the movie so we were really not sure what to expect. I had heard things of people leaving just 10 minutes into the beginning of the movie and then from others that love it and cannot wait to purchase when it comes out of the theatre! Really though...I had never been more torn about a movie! We are movie buffs in our house and LOVE cartoons! The final decision maker came for me from a review that Focus on the Family recently did (find it HERE). I figured if they had good things to say about couldn't be that bad.

I had a girlfriend tell me that she did tell her kids beforehand that the story is just make believe. That it in NO way is a reflection of the "real" Santa, Easter Bunny etc. (yes...we do it all here...although we make sure our MAIN focus for the kids is Jesus for the holidays!! We wanna keep Christ in Christmas) So I took her advice and we did the same thing! We first took the kids to dinner. Then we arrived super early so we could get comfy. Brought blankets in for the kids and lots of yummy treats! It was going to be our first time seeing a movie in 3d! My only advice for this is sit the kids in between two adults! With the glasses on you can't see from your peripheral vision! And you look like you have bug eyes!

The kids LOVED every second of the movie! They were not scared and were not up with bad dreams at all that night! My friend and I also loved every moment of it and were really glad we made the decision to take them!

Basically the scariest person in the movie is Pitch. He is the "boogieman". Not gonna lie I was scared poopless of this character as a wee child myself! He is trying to steal the Sandman's dreams and turn them into nightmares...but the Guardians work together and with faith, trust and through the simple act of believing they conquer in the end.

I gave the movie two thumbs up! I can't wait to buy it when it comes out!

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