Wild about Pinwheels!

9:09:00 PM

I am SO excited to finally get this tutorial up for you guys! I was able to use my NEW Washi Tape that arrived from Pick Your Plum (an awesome sponsor of mine on the side bar!! Go check them out!). I know...sounds goofy that I literally was waiting for it to arrive BUT I knew it would give it that added touch I was looking for! Have you checked out Pick Your Plum? I am COMPLETELY addicted! I am kicking myself for some items recently that I did not purchase! One was the buttons they had! OH they would have been awesome for these pinwheels! I love getting elastic for my Bliss Baby Designs headbands from them! These are some of the new headbands I made recently and added to my shop and I LOVE them!

OK enough blah blahing...let me get to the good stuff!!

Step 1:

 I found some super cute double sided 12x12 paper at Michael's. I was able to make 4 pinwheels from each sheet. You are going to cut your sheets to a 6x6 size. Now you can buy pre-cut packs of paper at Michael's and Joannes...but I wanted the double sided effect, hence why I cut them myself!

Step 2:

You are going to fold you square corner to corner. You are then going to unfold and do it the opposite direction. The crease is going to help you with the next step!

Step 3:

I put little red lines on the above picture to kind show you WHERE I started to cut. You will cut from that mark down the "line" you made to the end of the paper. The other picture shows what it will look like when done!

Step 4:

You are going to take your hot glue gun and put glue on the corner (see the arrow). Then you are going to fold that corner over to the center and hold until cool. You will repeat this step alternating corners.

Step 5:

When its done you get to do the fun parts!

I pulled out my beads, my buttons, my washi tape etc. and got comfy and ready to decorate!

Some of the pinwheels I hot glued buttons down and some of them I did large charcoal colored pearls! Only cause I couldn't decide WHICH one I liked best!

I then took a dowel (I found a full pack of like 20 at Michael's for about $2.99!) put hot glue on and then attached it!

I simply adored how they turned out! Emily Grace kept asking "Mommy, are they for my birthday party?!" I thought...hmmm...No. But maybe I SHOULD make some (her birthday is not till January mind you!)

I then stuck them in these adorable buckets I bought at Target. I filled them with dirt and also put basil seeds in the dirt (I love basil and think you can never have enough of it!). Then I attached little tags to the buckets with bakers twine I bought at Crate and Barrel!

Spoiler alert: these are part of next weeks "Little Ray's of Sunshine"! So you will hear more about them later! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Would be a very cute party favor, so I agree with EG :-)

  2. This is my first opportunity to see your website. Love it!!! I just wanted to let you know that I ventured here through the Pick Your Plum site. In particular, today with the Washi tape. My company is having a BINGO night this weekend for our employees and their families. As part of all of our events with our employees we always try to sponsor a charity and this time it is Cystic Fibrosis. The theme for their walk and fundraising this year is "Help Us Blow Away Cystic Fibrosis" with a pinwheel as the visual. We have been trying to figure out different ideas for the kids to get in on the act and to offer opportunities to raise funds in the process and this is perfect. An easy craft for them with a deeper message. Thanks so much for your creativity!!

    1. OH that is so awesome!! YAY! Em at PYP asked me to do this piece and I was honored! I ADORE the washi tape! SO much fun to craft with! Your comment seriously made my heart smile! YAY! Keep me posted with how they turn out! I would LOVE to hear! xoxox