Little Ray's of Sunshine

9:03:00 AM

As the school days passed and I move closer into the Summer days I feel kinda sad inside. NOT that Summer is here but that life has gotten SO busy with school, the kids extra curricular activities and work that I feel like I have little time for myself let alone my closest girlfriends. I won't lie...I get completely jealous when I see pictures or posts of them meeting up randomly and I yearn to do the same thing! But, my kids schedules have been opposite of theirs therefore making it that much more difficult! That is why I am SO excited that Summer is ALMOST here! (almost in we are having abnormally rainy weather!) I am looking forward to hopefully seeing some of my "gillies" ( in gills! No typo...its a family thing!)

My love language is...dare I say EEK! Are you ashamed of me? I am totally embarrassed admitting it! BUT I love to not only receive gifts but to make and give gifts as well! It could be something small or it could be something huge...I just want those that I love most to KNOW that I love THEM the most!

These are the girls that stand by me. They love me no matter what. I can share my deepest and darkest secrets with and will not feel judged or looked down upon. These are the girls who shape me. They make me want to be a better mom, friend and wife. I am a lost sheep without these friendships. And I am SO blessed to have them in my life! I have experienced heartache, pain, complete sadness and they were there to help me. They helped me pick up the pieces and pray harder than I have ever prayed before. They stood on the sidelines with boxes of tissues to wipe my eyes, meals to feed our bellies when every part of my body had no energy to even stand up. They took care of my babies at a moments notice when an unexpected emergency arose. They were there for me in more ways than they even know. I cannot thank them enough.

I decided I wanted to spring some "Little Ray's of Sunshine" on them and y'all know those super cute pinwheels I showed you last week?! Well, that was a sneak peak into what I made them! Didn't get to check them out for yourself? NO worries! Here you go "CLICK ME"!!

The tins are filled with seeds that will grow just as our friendship has over the years. It's a little surprise of WHAT it is (for them that is!) BUT because its YOU I will tell ya! I planted Basil seeds as they smell good, they are a gorgeous color of green AND we can cook with them! I seriously can't get enough basil in this house!

I wanted to show in a small way my besties that I love and adore them. I cherish their friendships and can't thank them enough. I tried to be sneaky when dropping them off...this one (above in pic with me) totally caught me as she was pulling out of her garage when I pulled up! My friend Julie ran out of her house and saw me as I was pulling out! And Rachel...well...that girl recognized my handwriting! I MUST work on my sneaky skills cause the ones I have aren't cutting it!

Have a blessed day and go show a friend you care! Could be as simple as a post it note on the door!

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  1. I love the beautiful flower pots you gave your friends. I too enjoy making and giving things to my loved ones. It makes me feel good. It's so awesome that you have many beloved friends. you are blessed. And can your family be any cuter? I love your blog and I'm so glad I found it!

    1. What an amazing compliment! Thank you SO much! What a pleasure it is to meet you! Thank you for stepping into my tiny speck of the world! <3 Leish

  2. My love language is gifts too! Love to give them and get them. :)