Proverbs 31 Mama-prenuer Spotlight

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From the first moment I "virtually" met Jennifer I felt inspired! She is friends with some of my same friends and we actually live in the same town! I keep hoping that I will magically run into her in person so I can give her a big hug and hello! She is part of my Proverbs 31 Mama-prenuers group on Facebook! A place to bounce around questions, ideas etc related to blogging or businesses! Through this I have met some pretty awesome people and I am so honored to introduce this one...!


I am a daydreamer. From the carefree childhood days of running barefoot to chase swallowtail butterflies in my sundress made by Mom, to now running hills with 4-5 dogs in tow to chase inspiration, it is within these moments I feel alive, free, and at peace. I can do anything. It took meeting my husband to show me that within dreams I can find truth and reality.

Early in our dating, he asked me, “Why do you paint Africa so much?”   I responded, “Because I would like to go there someday and spend time with orphans, to know people by name, see the land, and be inspired to paint what I experienced."

He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “Do it. Go this year. It doesn’t have to be someday.”  

Wow. It doesn’t have to be someday. Those words were so empowering to me that I walked over to the Missions Office at my University the next day. I asked about Africa. They told me they were looking for an art teacher for a two-month commitment to go work with orphaned children in South Africa. I froze in awe. A few months later, our team was putting on a concert and auction to sell my paintings of Africa to pay for our trip there. And with God’s blessing, each one sold! Fast forward a few months and we were in the place of my dreams. It was just as I had envisioned. I had beautiful children holding each of my hands, one resting on my back, and we walked together in perfect peace. It was the stuff dreams were made of, but this was reality. I loved every moment of it.

It doesn’t have to be someday” empowered many things… art shows in Los Angeles with the students’ art from Africa, getting married to the man who inspires me to be a woman of worth, and a move to Colorado, adopting puppy #1 and within a year, another move to Oregon and adopting puppy #2. We took leaps of faith to be in Oregon, and soon finding jobs followed. I worked at a wonderful art studio in Beaverton teaching children’s classes, hosting birthday parties, and running open studio sessions. I loved the space, the people I worked for and with, and also loved our clients. And as I observed my surroundings, my dreaming began again…

I saw little sparks of genius in certain students and wanted to help nurture that talent individually. I saw moms having a hard day, needing a friendly face to listen, and I wanted to stop washing palettes, sit down and listen to their hearts. I saw children with learning disabilities needing a place to foster, explore, and learn in the perfect way for them, I wanted to provide that quiet space for them. However, this job was not my own business, and I knew that one-day maybe, “Someday” I could provide that space.

It took five people asking me last November if I would be interested in teaching private lessons before I decided to make the dream happen. Part of that dream meant letting go of some things I loved, like working at the other studio, and saying goodbye to my bosses who had been so encouraging when I had needed friends and a place to call my home away from home. Last December, I had to let go of what had felt safely secure, and jump into my new life, the purpose intended for me: Blue Plume Studio.

The name Blue Plume came to me one day as I was creating a painting. I was daydreaming (again) about when I was in college, how I would go to the Los Angeles Arboretum to draw the gardens. As I held the plume of my pen, Peacocks would gather, curious as to what I might be making in their garden. There was one Peacock in particular who made a habit of sitting with me on my blanket as I created. I named Blue Plume Studio after the lovely plumes that are of the majestic bird, so gallantly displayed. Peacocks stand for renewal, as they shed their feathers each year and grow an even more majestic fantail. They are a symbol of integrity and the beauty that can be achieved when we choose to better ourselves and better our lives.  I love that this is what my business is about: providing a safe haven, a simple space to reflect and renew our spirits. When we take the time to do this, it is amazing the peace, clarity and direction that God will give us for our lives. This is why I create. This is why I dream. This is why I give others the opportunity to do the same.

I developed lesson after lesson and my clients started to slowly trickle in. Now, when I look back, I can’t believe that I have already taught over 500 hours of lessons in my new studio in the last six months. And I have been able to be the teacher I have always wanted to be. I have been blessed with very gifted students; a few who show more potential than I ever showed at their age. I have been able to sit down with a cup of tea with moms who just needed a friend to listen, bounce ideas off of, or just laugh with. And recently, I have been blessed to serve as a mentor about academics, personal issues, faith questions, and simply life.

I am finding the greatest lesson is to be present with each student, to never rush, and to savor each conversation and creative art session that we have. I pray for each of my students that they will be blessed in life, and I pray that the studio provides a haven for them to come explore the arts and have an amazing time!  

I have a huge heart for children and teens in need (teen moms, foster kids, etc…), and also for adults who are battling something, whether that is illness, addiction, or insecurity. Those who need someone to take the time to invest in him or her.  Someday” soon I hope to start a ministry component to my business where I can provide these services for many in need who financially find it hard to even put food on the table.  My husband and I have been there too. I am in the process of figuring out the financials and funding for such a scholarship program.

 I am excited about summer and what is in store! I am offering three formats of lessons this summer: 1) summer day camps for kids on select weeks, 2) weekly-scheduled, two-hour private lessons, and 3) group lessons of three or more children. Additionally, and these have been so great too, I am available on select Saturdays for on location birthday parties as well! I am so thankful to develop customized curriculum for each of my students so each can develop into the artist they want to become.

I offer a free studio consultation to anyone interested in pursuing lessons at Blue Plume Studio. This gives us the chance to sip a cup of tea, discuss the art goals for the student, and to create a preliminary curriculum based on their specific interests.

Here are the best ways to reach me to set up your free studio tour and consultation (and to see some GREAT photos of students’ artwork):

Studio Phone: 503-926-7239

Above all, I am so thankful to be in the Sherwood community, providing tailor-made art lessons and classes for anyone who is seeking to take a break, to rejuvenate, and to become the artist they have always wanted to be. Make “Someday” today. And Happy –Art Making!

Teacher Jen

The Mamapreneur’s Summer Camp Special~ 
Register for a week of summer art camp and receive your last day FREE! 
Free Art Rejuvenation Giveaway ~ The Best Friends’ Forever Package
Enroll for three private lessons, and receive the Best Friends Forever Package FREE!

You and a friend are welcomed to a lovely art experience. 

Choose from painting, drawing, or a mixed media two hour private lesson. 

All instruction and supplies are included.
Enjoy complementary tea and flower bouquets.

Happily serving beginning to advanced artists, 
Blue Plume Studio is unique among art studio environments by providing custom designed art instruction.

Artist and owner, Jennifer Predoehl, welcomes you to relax, create, and stay a while at Blue Plume Studio in the heart of Old Town Sherwood, Oregon.

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  1. What an amazing story! Definitely going to look more in to this deal! (I'm on my phone right now)

  2. Wow, Jennifer! Your story is so inspiring to me and brings tears to my eyes! I love that you are the kind of woman who will go after her! I will pass this along to my Moms Club. Many blessings to you, Jennifer :)

  3. Jennifer you are amazing! I was so moved reading your story. You truly are an inspiration. It's so awesome that you went after what god has placed in your heart to do! So inspiring!
    Can other ladies join your Facebook Proverbs 31 group. It sounds like a great group. hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

  4. Love your story! I'm in the middle of making one of my "somedays" into a "this day" by working on opening an Etsy store. Your words have been encouraging! You've also made me a little homesick for my friends and family in South Africa. I'm reminded that Africa will always be in my blood no matter where I am in this world! :)