cherished moments

I cherish these moments

12:30:00 AM

As I write I am reflecting on my day! Today was a good day. In fact, it was better than was a great day! I am still missing my husband desperately...but know I will get to see him VERY very soon! I can hardly contain my excitement! I have been going into my big kids room and grabbing my oldest, carrying her into my room and laying her in my bed with me! It has actually been really comforting to me! She knows that as soon as daddy walks through that front door...he reclaims his spot and she goes back to her bed (the comfiest bed in the entire house I might add!).
Today we woke up late, skipped showers (no worries...I used deodorant y'all!) and then we gathered ourselves together and did chiropractor appointments, hair cuts and then ventured BACK home again where we stayed the rest of the day! Emily Grace and Noah look awesome with their haircuts! I am trying to grow mine out or else I would have partaken in this opportunity and Mushy...well...poor girl we are working on it getting longer! I was able to play with caterpillars with the kids, use LOTS of sidewalk chalk all over our driveway, plant flowers in pots that I bought on clearance last year and forgot about and I even finished spray painting my patio bistro set I bought off of Craig's list last year for $20! The kids were wonderful, they listened, they were polite and it was purely magical!

Then came bath time...I turn my back for 5 minutes and the big kids have splashed so much water out of the tub that it was 1/4" deep...not kidding! That was when the bad out weighed the good and I was mad! The funny thing about me getting upset is that when I was their age and my cousin and I stayed at my Grandma's house (a 2 story old Victorian built in 1898) we did the same exact things! We pretended we were boats or whales and would splash and splash until the day Grandpa walked up the stairs because the had pots downstairs as the water started leaking...through...the floor and then through the ceiling down below us! OOPS! As a mom I have to say that the good out weigh the bad BAR none! I am so blessed to be their mom! What an honor it is that they tell me "I love you mommy, your the best mommy in the whole wide world." not just saying that...Its my fave thing that the big kids tell me! They bring me so much joy and I am over flowing with giddiness for the next day! Of course, it has to start with coffee and quiet moments. But days like these I wouldn't trade them for the world! Thank you God for blessing me with the greatest gifts ever.

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