For the love of Instagram!

7:49:00 PM

I can. NOT. Believe that it is already Monday evening! This has got to be some sort of sick joke right? Cause if you are serious then that means I blinked and the weekend *POOF* vanished into thing air! Thankfully I have my handy dandy phone with me at all times and have horrible disease called "Instagram-itis". Beware. It does spread! I am fully 185% addicted to the Instagram app on my cellular device (tried to sound smart there...did it work?!) I am Britches & Boots for those of you on there (shocking name right?!)

Instead of getting "work" done we played hooky. Enjoyed the sunshine. And took the kids to Cooper Mountain Park. It is really neat with lots of different trail options! We took the shortest of the trails and Mushy did a fantastic job of trying to walk the trails herself! At one point I asked her if she wanted up and she said "uh uh"! I would try to grab her hand to help her down the hill and she would smack my hands away! Emily Grace and Noah LOVE to go on trail walks and did great! At one point Noah said he was scared because of the dark trees (seriously it was a few shadows!) and Emily Grace said don't worry Noah God is with us! We then ventured over to the produce stand and bought veggies and fruits for our eating pleasure!

Sunday Emily Grace made the decision that Jesus is her forever friend! I cried! I am so proud and excited for her walk with Him! A proud mama moment for sure! We realized that Lambie (Lambchop) was accidentally left at church as daddy didn't realize we had her with us...but when we came home we had a WONDERFUL surprise as an angel by the name of Denise was watching out for us and left her little Lambie on the front bench!

We finished the day doing odd chores (me going through items in the excited I was able to toss things out! YAY!) and the kids made pictures in the driveway. At dinner time we taught Ava Faith to "CHEERS" with her sippy cup...the bread never left her lips! We enjoyed smores which was AF's first time with this experience and she was nice sure about them at first but once she figured out what it was she was all over it! And it was all over me!

This morning we were back to our normal grind! School, errands and then our annual trip with one of my besties Michelle to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival! This year we brought Jessica along with use who has never been before!

The festival was fun...but hot this year! We realized that in years past it must have been slightly overcast because we were all sweating! Michelle had the idea of dressing the girls in all white...I brought hair motif since I needed to photograph for my website anyhow! I can't wait to upload the camera but these are what I had on my phone!

I am so excited for Michelle as she branched out on her own with her photography business! She was working under the name Casual Camera with her mom for many years. BUT as of last month she is officially Chelletography! Her photos are INCREDIBLE! Seriously she will show me "Oh look at this picture I took!" in the back of the camera...NO editing needed (although she is a perfectionist and WILL!) they are breathtaking! She has true talent that girl! So if you are in the Portland area and are in need of a photographer...she is your girl!

I was tickled when I received THIS:

TWINE! Isn't she a beaut?! This twine was courtesy of Talking Twine & Trim and I am dying to use it!! The owner is based in Arizona and is going to start carrying Washi tape VERY soon! I can hardly contain my excitement! Oh the ideas that come to mind! You can also find her on Facebook!

That is all for now! I have to attempt to finish tagging items for the Just Between Friends sale! Can't wait to be done with it so I can get to creating!

Have a blessed night!

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