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All good things must come to an end!

11:23:00 AM

Well! I did it! I survived the Just Between Friends consignment sale!  I have been working like a mad women and it boiled down to 4 days of sales! I didn't pre-shop (we covered this in my last blog piece about this sale!) All in all I will call this one a...wait for it...SUCCESS! My bring home total will be $420! I am pretty happy with this number! I will be replacing a few items that were ruined over time (dolly strollers etc!) and purchasing all 3 kids Summer clothes (sneaking a few in for myself too of course!) Out of 224 tagged items (I had like 6 kicked back due to microscopic stains!) I sold 143 items! WAY better than I could have done at a garage sale that is for sure!

All day yesterday I made sure I was busy! I was too giddy to find out how I did! Would I have anything to pick back up (one could wish right!?) Would I sell anymore? I spent the morning scouring my big kids was like a bomb went off in their room! Yuck!

I crawled under their beds pulling each item I could find out. I stripped their bedding's and removed warm comforters, spritzing blankets with febreeze. Cleaned out and went through their dresser drawers (of course finding MORE clothes to sell!). Went through shoe baskets and had them try them all on finding that we are in desperate need for shoes! I then ventured onto the closet! WOW! With a shared room I did what I could to save space! We have this old dresser my parents found for us and I painted white (Took forever! This was LONG before Pinterest and every ones super awesome easy tutorials!) I use it for toys for the kids! One large drawer has all balls. Another is filled with doll clothes and doll accessories. A drawer for all dress up jewelry, play makeup, glasses crowns etc. Tubs separated with blocks, magnetic dolls, dress up clothes, train tracks, cars, my little pony's etc. A small section for hanging clothes (mainly jackets I have now realized!) I went through each toy and threw all kinds of things away and made a pile for the next JBF sale! The hall looked like this at the start...not much at all pulled out!

But then I REALLY started to get into it! By the time I was done the hallway was overflowing and the closets now look like this

Nice, clean, organized just the way I like it! The barbie mansion was moved to the top of the large dresser to prevent these sort of moments which happen often...

Poor Em had to clean up what looked to be a tornado that struck her Barbie digs! The stuff on top of the dresser is put away and gone through and now the baskets are under the bed! Its pretty! I am a happy mama! AND the best part...I was able to go shop with the girls for cute things like this:

Are these not the cutest cowgirl boots you ever saw? Old Navy AND the best part is they have NO zippers...which I loathe that they put zippers on all the kids boots!

Now that you have listened to my babbling I think you get the idea that in the end it was all worth the hard work to get my items prepared and ready for the sale. Picking up was very easy. I arrived at my allotted time and actually was able to go in earlier as the sorting was finished. I chatted with a few people in line. 2 of the ladies I spoke too it was their first time also and they used safety pins to pin ALL of their tags onto their clothes...they said it was just too much work and they would not be doing the sale again. I felt that way before it even started but with the right tools, the right friends to give me support and the patience I forged forward and feel as though I conquered! I definitely would not have been able to make as much at a garage sale. My husband was very supportive and I was hoping to make $100 to maybe help a wee bit with the purchase of new clothes! I surpassed my goals and I will say wholeheartedly I will do it again in the Fall! In fact I am down right excited!

The baby clothing does not sell as well as the big kids do. I sold majority of the big kid clothes (3t & 4t) and was left mainly with baby clothes. I sold ALL of the big kid shoes, all but 1 bedding set (3), sippy cups, mesh feeding bags, bottles, toys, games etc! I even threw a random bag of hair clips together that had been collecting dust on my dresser! I sold it for $6!

Use your best judgement and decide if the consignment route is right for you! I learned a lot along the way! Now just are a few more pics of Em in her new red boots (although, I can't stop thinking about How I Met Your Mother and Ted buys some horrid red cowboy boots! Suit UP!)

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