St. Patties Day treat!

6:54:00 PM

I have a fun treat my kids and I made up for some dear friends of ours! My friend and I decided it would be fun for our kids (we each have a boy & girl same ages just opposite sex for ages!) to become pen pals (although we live in the same city!) since they were going to different pre-schools this year! Our kids are SO close and our oldest two swear they are going to grow up and get married! Which is pretty adorable and they are the CUTEST kids! Anyhow I wanted a cute treat for them that my kids could do about 90% of it on their own!

I bought the shamrocks and the coins at Michael's. Had the clear mason jar and bought the rolo's at Target! I wanted plain gold candy!

Easy enough for the kids to do right?!

Shamrocks were flyin' everywhere!

Ours was overflowing so I added it in the other part of the gift too!

Sorry I couldn't help myself! He is REALLY into showing us his muscles right now and his face always cracks me up!

Ready for delivery! The green tote was purchased at Michael's and inside is coloring/sticker books for each child and also a package with little cars to paint!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! I hope you don't get pinched!!

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  1. Aww, what a fun thing to do with your children! found you at Weekend Wander

    1. Thank you!! So nice to meet you <3