Kid made coasters

1:20:00 PM

We had SO much fun with these! They do take some time and will not give you instant gratification! BUT when they are done they are SO worth it!

I took my kids to a pottery place and the each were given 2 4" tiles to paint however they choose! I let them go to town! And only helped when asked! It took a few weeks before we could pick them up after they had been "fired".

We then brought them home and used some felt pads I had picked up at Home Depot for literally a few dollars!

SO easy! I mean completely kid friendly and kid made!

I told them to pick out the larger felt pieces and stick them in the corners! Then they put them on the coffee table! Voila! Homemade EASY kid coasters! They are so proud of them and its a great easy investment! Think about can package them up in 4's and give as presents to the grandparents! Oh the possibilities!!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. These are cute! My kids made these at school in support of the troops! The school had a whole wall at the mall lined with them!

    1. Thank you!! My kids love to have their artwork on display so I am always looking for more creative ways! We had some Sharing Spree's for a couple local pottery places...and I thought HEY instead of having 4 piggy banks lets do something I could ACTUALLY use!!
      That is awesome!! Gives me goosebumps to hear good deeds!! <3 leish