Be intentional

Be intentional...

3:17:00 PM

Today I am having one of those self pity know the kind where your hair is bugging you cause its going flat on half of your head and the other part is tickling your shoulders just to the point of it annoying you. You bend over and your jeans slowly slide off your butt (NOT complaining about the 45 lbs I have lost SO far in 2011 after the birth of Mush...but still an annoyance in the utmost!). Somebody peed in my cheerios (not really just seeing if your still reading!). Once again I have been plagued with a head cold. A down right NASTY head cold. I am miserable and I don't have time to be slowed down! Funny thing I drank a Grande Java Chip Frappe yesterday (have I told you I am a Starbucks junkie? Its my vice!) and because of the combo of the cold medicine I was all jittery! Good thing was I am a teacher at Gymboree Play and Music (hence why I have had a crazy last month...I worked like crazy mad return missed my angels like crazy!) and I have 3 VERY active evening classes (I teach at night so I can have as much daytime with my kids as possible!). Helped burn off the jitters!

This post isn't to be negative this is just to show that despite how we are feeling (menstrual cramps and all!) we need to intentionally find good...somehow! Yesterday I took my kids to a Gymboree class (yep we attend as well!) and just watching their pure joy in playing, exploring made my day a little brighter! Tickling my kids till they are laughing so hard they are making strangers in line behind us at Joannes laugh...brings a smile to my face! I want to dwell in this pit. Wallow a bit. But really I must turn to the gifts that God gave me and find hope and happiness in my day! Even if that means bribing them with fruit snacks and a movie to take a nap...just so you can have an hour of pure, enjoyable, relaxing...silence!

Make today a great one!

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  1. Here is one reason among many that you are awesome:
    I always forget to check my blogs so I haven't read a post in probably six months - but you have made my day on Facebook so many times, because just when I'm feeling totally grumpy and tired - you post something that makes me look on the bright side and feel genuinely thankful and enthusiastic.
    It sounds like you are up against quite a lot right now, and you are still managing to find happiness in the joy of your kids. Good for you! I really hope you feel better soon, and I hope you get a chance to nap with your babies because you deserve it very much!